The story of our house goes a long way back. Back in the times when the Saxon communities were called “neighborhoods (vecinătăți)” every little detail of home living was set – literally – in stone. Homes were built to last and protected by solid walls not much different from the ones of a castle.


Those were the times of Johannes Traugott Kraus, a minister in the village of Crit. His house, next to the fortified church is now your destination of choice: Casa Kraus.


The former parish house has been rebuilt two years ago, in compliance with the original designs. Hence its rooms still keep trapped the austere feeling of Saxon homes.


From hand-painted furniture (restored by craftsmen in the area) to doors and floors made of massive wood panels through to decorative objects, everything has been carefully revived so that people across the world staying here are able to truly experiment with the Saxon way of life.


Yet, it is comfortable and upgraded to the 21st Century. Fit and finish and modern amenities work quite well with the traditional/modern restaurant, so you can eat the Saxon way or just your way.


Casa Kraus aims at keeping history alive. a destination for all travelers wishing to experience authenticity and comfort in the Saxon area of Transylvania. Far away from the city. In a place where you feel you’re welcome just as you open the door.


Casa Kraus. For the well-Travelled.