Home with the Saxons

Crit Village lies deep into the heart of Transylvania, in a hinterland known as the Oat County or Haferland, as the Saxons called it. The area is located between the medieval towns of Sighisoara and Rasnov.


The area is filled with Saxon villages: Roades, Viscri, Bunesti, Rupea, Fiser, Mesendorf, or Saschiz. Among them, Crit is the perfect example of traditional architecture and heritage, with walled gates, painted furniture, incredibly rich troves of historical artifacts, and warm and welcoming people.


Take your time to enjoy the Saxon villages, but also spare a day to drive to Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. It’s not a long trip – more or less one hour – and it will pay for itself in the currency of excitement. Rich architecture, amazing history, medieval remains surrounding the place and setting the scenery for long walks or just happy hours at the terraces dotting famous center in Piata Sfatului.


Closer than Brasov is Sighisoara – a medieval city whose center is on the UNESCO world heritage list. It’s also the only remaining medieval fortress in Europe which is still inhabited! People are living (and you will be able to rent) in rooms that are literally hundreds of years old.


Rupea Castle, newly and lovingly restored is only 20 km distance from Crit.


For those of you visiting during the summer, and more precisely August, we highly recommend the Haferland Week – already a local tradition gathering hundreds of returning Saxons, coming to their roots to live together with their traditions and customs. It’s a blend of Saxon Balls, documentaries, happenings, and exhibitions. It’s one full week dedicated to the Saxon Culture, loved and celebrated with real Saxons. More on that, here.